Portoferraio is about 13 km from Porto Azzurro, located on the northwest coast of Elba Island. It is the oldest village in the area, it boasts Ligurian, Etruscan and Greek origins. Unfortunately, when the Romans arrived on the island, they largely erased what was already present by founding the village of Fabrica. The history of the village was also marked by the Medici family of Florence to which is due the construction of the Forte Stella, the Forte Falcone and the Torre della Linguella. These fortifications were used as military bases and defense far beyond the fall of the Medici empire and are now open to the public.
In addition to being rich in marvelous beaches and coves, Portoferraio is the heart of the island’s nightlife. Every night, tourists can enjoy the streets of the village with music, open-air venues, shows, beach parties. The town is therefore very much loved by young people, but also by families who appreciate the closeness between sea and hill. This feature allows you to do many hiking trips in the hinterland without having to travel for long journeys by car.